Standing Seam Metal

Upgrade Your Roof With Standing Seam Metal

Add another level of class to your roof or building project with Standing Seam Metal. These heavy-duty interlocking panels have no exposed fasteners, creating a smooth, classy look that will provide superior protection for many years. We make these panels to order so you can custom order any length you need. Our roll-former for standing seam metal is on a trailer and able to be brought to your job-site for on-site production (see video below).

standing seam profile
Profile of Our Standing Seam Panel
Standing Seam Interlocking Overlap

Standing Seam Panel Details

  • 26 Gauge – Grade 50 Metal Panels
  • Panel Coverage: 15 ½″
  • Rib Height: 1½″
  • Available in all our metal colors
  • 40 year warranty
  • No exposed fasteners
  • Good for both residential and commercial applications

Standing Seam Roof Trim Options

8 1

S-1. Open Hem Flat Ridge Cap


S-2. Open Hem Valley Trim


S-3. Open Hem Sidewall/Endwall


S-4. Open Hem Transition Flashing


S-5. Cleat


S-6. Drip Edge


S-7. Corner


S-8. Open Hem Residential Rake

z-trim for standing seam metal

S-9. Z-Trim

standing seam hemmed 1

Hemmed Panel Bottom

Hem hooks over drip edge along eave

wafer screws 1

Wafer Screws for Standing Seam

Available in 1″ and 1½″

Standing Seam Roof Construction Projects

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