Metal Soffit Panels

Our custom metal soffit is a smart alternative to the more common aluminum soffit panels. These metal soffit panels are made with our Signature Wave Reverse-Rolled metal profile and we will custom produce it for you at the length and color you choose. The Signature Wave profile provides an elegant style that will up the class of your house while also lasting for many years. Works great for soffit as well as porch ceiling applications.

metal soffit aluminum soffit alternative 3
Made from our Signature Wave Reverse-Rolled Metal Profile
metal soffit aluminum soffit alternative 12
3 ft width and custom cut to length needed

A Better Alternative to Aluminum Soffit

  • Our Metal Soffit is more affordable than Aluminum Soffit
  • Custom cut to your soffit’s length (reduces installation time)
  • A wide variety of colors
  • 3 ft wide panels make installation faster and less fasteners needed

Metal Soffit Project Gallery

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