Our goal is to be a full-service metal supply shop, providing you with all the accessories you need for your metal siding or metal roofing projects. We offer a variety of windows and doors for metal shops, metal garages, etc…as well as carrying color matching screws and silicone caulk. We also provide closure strips, pipe boats, and foam sealing tapes. We’ll do our best to make sure you have everything you need to finish off your metal construction project.

01 cannonball door with window for metal building

3′ Entry Door with Window

Cannonball 1751 Entry Door with 1-lite entry window. Available in both left and right swing.

02 cannonball universal door solid panel metal building supply

3′ Universal Entry Door

Cannonball 1751 Solid Panel entry door. A universal door that can be adjusted for either left or right swing.

weather bar windows for metal buildings and houses 1

WeatherBarr Vinyl Windows

Available in 3×3, 3×4, and 3×5 sizes

raptor synthetic underlayment for custom metal roofing 1

Raptor Synthetic Underlayment

A quality roof underlayment with incredible traction wet or dry and a 25 year limited warranty. Available in 10′ or 4′ widths

06 reflective insulation white poly aluminum metal supply company

Reflective Insulation

Aluminum metalized single-bubble white poly reflective insulation with seam tape edging. Available in 50″ and 75″ widths.

pipe boots for metal roofing signature steel

Pipe Flashing Boots

We carry #1, #3, #5, and #7 boots to seal off pipes from 1/2″ to 11.5″ in diameter.

06 metal screws wood metal screws

Woodbinder Screws

#11 wood screws available in 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″, and 3″ lengths in all our metal colors

07 metal screws for metal panels metal building supplies

1.5″ Eclipse Woodbinder Screws

A truss head screw with a T-25 driver. Available in all our metal colors

08 steel binder screws metal panel screws

MAXX Steelbinder Screws

Available in 3/4″, 7/8″, and 1.25″ lengths in all our metal colors

novaflex metal roof sealant

NovaFLEX Metal Roof Silicone Sealant

Colored silicone caulk available in all of metal colors.

ag panel metal closure strips metal building supplies

Ag Panel Closure Strips

ridge vent foam for metal roofs metal building supplies

Ridge Vent Foam

1.5″ x 1″x 20′ foam roll with adhesive backing.

emseal acrylic closure sealant tape

Acrylic Closure Sealant Tape

1/4″ x 1″ foam closure tape to seal off roof valleys and other metal seams

tacky tape metal sealant tape metal building supplies

Tacky Tape Sealing Strips

touch up paint

Metal Touch Up Paint

Available in all standard colors in bottles and pens

backer rod

Backer Rod

Helps support standing seam and board and batten siding to prevent oil canning

cupola textured black with copper top eagle

Cupola with Eagle Weathervane

Various colors and options available. Pictured in textured black with copper roof.

metal roof with cupola deer

Cupola with Deer Weathervane

Various colors and options available.

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