R-Panel Custom Metal

The R-Panel is an extra sturdy profile that provides increased rigidity due to a taller rib than the standard 3/4″ rib of the Ag panel and the Signature Wave panel. The 12″ rib spacing along with the higher rib profile provides a look that is ideal for commercial and agricultural buildings, especially for low-sloped roofs that benefit from the increased strength of this panel.

r panel profile
Profile of Our Standing Seam Panel
r panel metal
1 1/4″ high rib profile every 12″

R-Panel Metal Details

  • 26 Gauge Metal
  • Panel Coverage: 36″
  • Rib Height: 1 1/4″
  • Rib spacing: 12″
  • Available in all our metal colors
  • 40 year warranty
  • Available with color matching screws
  • Works well for residential roofing and siding, agricultural buildings, and commercial projects.

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